We’re Here to Guide you Every Step of the Way!

Our clients come to us for different reasons. Private investors range from developers who recognize a need for a sports facility in their area and want to fill that void to those who simply see the potential to make money in a particular market. They are often competing against city owned property, making the process more challenging at times for private investors. Municipalities typically differ from private developers in that they control their own financing and construction, which means tax revenue is key when determining the need for a sports development project.  

Maybe you’ve got an existing facility that is just breaking even. Our team will evaluate every part of the business, from employee morale to your supply costs, to determine what you can improve upon.  Even if you’re a successful complex but looking to expand into larger tournaments or national events, we can put your vision into action!

Because our team has encountered the pitfalls that come with developing and managing sports facilities, our experience is your gain! While we can certainly guide our clients every step of the way, we are happy to help you at any step of the process.

Our Services

Consulting Services

L5 offers full-service consulting for your sports facility. We can assist you in every step of the process, from the startup phase to development and construction.

Field Renovation Services

L5 provides services to fit the needs of your sports facility. We offer both natural grass and artificial turf  renovations.

Learn more about our services and the team at L5 can help you achieve your desired outcome!